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“Tony with Buckeye BBQ Grill Clean amazed me with the deep steam bath clean of my Weber spirit grill so well, that he did not have to replace my grill grates that I asked him to order and install. Thanks again for saving me money.”


“Buckeye grill clean came all the way to Columbus to clean my TEC grill in the spring, that I told Tony to come back out at the end of the season for another clean.”

Dr DavisColumbus

“Tony is a great, professional, funny hard working guy. He completely went through our grill. He made sure to take everything out and clean everything just so. We are very pleased with his services and will be having him clean our grill again ! Highly recommend !”

Melissa JohnsonStrongsville

“Tony did an amazing job cleaning our grill, it looks brand new! He uses a long, detailed cleaning process that’s worth the money. I highly recommend his grill cleaning service. Thanks !”

Paul LudwigBrooklyn

“I was very impressed with the end result. Tony has kept our new grill looking new each year. Tony took time to do the job right, being more concerned with quality than rushing through the process.”

Mike TaboryCleveland

“Tony is well-organized and does a terrific job. He has a great work ethic and is a pleasure to deal with. They made our Weber Genesis grill look fantastic!”

BrianPepper Pike

“Our association had an interior commercial grill that was in dire need of deep cleaning. Honestly, I wasn't sure that he'd be able to do it, but what an amazing job! We couldn't be happier and we will continue to use his services - Guaranteed! His crew even mopped our floor!”

Ed Glass, SecretaryFraternal Order of Eagles, Willoughby

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