BBQ Inspection

During our thorough inspection of your BBQ grill, we will inspect the following components:

Ignition system, Burners, Pressure Regulator

Guaranteed to Satisfy

When we are done, your BBQ grill will look beautifully polished and refreshed; You will feel confident that you are cooking on a clean and safe grill.

Environmentally Friendly 

Chemical-free way to get off hard-to-clean, burnt-on food and grime. And, a steam bath will clean plus sanitize your grill better than any brush.

Residential & Commercial Customers

Gas grill cleaning (propane and natural) to residential customers and commercial clients.

Proprietary Cleaning System

Providing an environmentally friendly complete degreasing and deep cleaning to:
Hood, Igniters, Thermometer, Knobs, Burners, Grease Pans & Trays, Rotisserie, Grill Racks, Flavor Bars, Heat Plates, Cook Box.

We Use Safe Cleaning Products

We use SAFECID: No hazardous chemicals, no hazardous fumes, EPA-DFE product, 100% biodegradable, odorless, non-toxic, caustic soda free.

3 Burner

4 Burner

5 Burner

6 Burner

7 Burner

8+ Burner

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*Sales tax is not included in this price and is subject to location.
- Further charges may be necessary if there are additional items to clean.

We Remove The Yuck and The Muck…It’s Worth The Buck!

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