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Why Clean Your Grill?

Removal of Harmful Carcinogens

Old food residue on the grill can lead to dangerous carcinogenic buildup on the grill. You don’t want to serve your family food off the grill that has this dangerous buildup on it. You’ll be providing numerous health benefits and making your next grilling experience much healthier and safer!

Protect the Grill Investment

With so many high-end grills and outdoor kitchens, you certainly don’t want to replace your big investment very often. Our customers see this strong benefit and use our services very regularly to protect their investment to prolong the lifespan of their grill.

Enhanced Safety

The #1 cause of grill fires is overwhelmingly due to grease fires. By removing all the grease in the grills, your customers will be greatly reducing the risk they will ever cross paths with a grill fire.

Restore the Original Appearance

Our cleaning service is so effective that it has the capability to restore the grill back to its original luster.

How long do you want your grill to last? It won’t last long at all if you don’t regularly keep it clean. Cleaning your grill will remove rust, sauces, oils, food pieces etc., and will allow you to cook on your grill for longer. That way your grill will function smoothly, and all components of your grill – burners, gas tubes, components – will last longer

BBQ Grills can become expensive to repair if they’re neglected for a long period of time. Why not jump out in front of this expensive repair and protect your valuable investment? Regular grill cleaning and grill maintenance will keep your grill in top condition, and the more often you clean your grill, the less you’ll have to spend on parts and repairs in the future. Plus, if you’re having company, nobody wants to eat food off a dirty grill–with a clean grill you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. We Remove The Yuck and The Muck…It’s Worth The Buck!

Our Process


We make sure that your grill is running great, so you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about your grill’s functionality and safety.

Degreasing & Deep Cleaning

When cleaning your grill, we use a product that contains no hazardous chemicals or fumes and is odorless and biodegradable.

Steam Bath

At Buckeye BBQ Grill Cleaning, we use the best chemical-free way to get off hard-to-clean, burnt-on food and grime. A steam bath will sanitize your grill better than any brush. And leave your grill looking refreshed and like new.


Our cleaning service is so effective that it can restore the grill to its original luster. Customers also love the special polish that is used on the grill upon completion of the job!

We Remove The Yuck and The Muck….It’s Worth The Buck!

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